And I continue to rock this town .
Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hahahahahaha .

10:01 AM
Yours truly.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


10:27 AM
Yours truly.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hi peeps .

Should have met Tirath , but tk sempat . Haiya , sorry bro ! :/
I think im in love . Hahahahaha . K shh . Met Booboo today at Tamp , he was late . My aunt keep on saying he aint a good guy bt i closed my ears :D I can see that he was in a hurry . Hahaha . So yeah , he's cute , i like ^.^ Mcm biase , malu taik kucing , then smile smile -.- Decided to go and watch movie . GV was packed . Line pnjng . So went to CS . Was stucked fr 20 mins just to choose which movie to watch -.- End up , watched Rapunzel . Hah , cute or what :P Then , window shop . Bought fr him a checkered shirt from Uniqlo as a birthday gift . Lucky he likes it , phew ~ Booboo is cute , very cute . And very tall -.- Mcm abg adek , tsk . Thought wanan buy fr bro SNSD thingy , but im not an expert in this kpop thing . Haha . Should bring an expert like Jannah :P So , lari sane sini mcm bdk gile , went to Toys R Us , aku step cute -.- And i want that huge Domo ! Cozt abot $238 . Tk ke gile tu -.- But its cute ! :D K blabla , Booboo likes to poke me -.- We play sword laa , barbie and th globe thingy . Hahaha . Then aunt text , gotta meet her . Wave goodbye to Booboo , and i cant find my aunt -______________- Called her , tp tk ans ! Haiya . So i called Booboo , and that's when my kpo aunt called . Spoil . Met her , went to pasar mlm and bought Vadai , lol . Thought of going to Nex and meet Jannah , like giving her a surprise , bt was too tired and my aunt wants to go home :/ Sorry ye Janz . And i hadda wake up early to buy things fr my bro . Dang , and i cant sleep -.- Can't wait to meet Booboo again ^.^

I rock . Bye .

8:15 AM
Yours truly.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ey gay ! I mean , guy ! Please laa ey , tamo jd gay .
No good yknow . Hahaha . And i didnt realise you update my blog .
Thanks yeah ^^Like my dad's name ? Ngok ah name anak die :P
And if got free time , do update fr me again k ?
Heh , you know i know laa , im so th freaking lazy wanan update .
Some more with my freaking stupid job ! Pfft .

On th ... 1st Dec , Booboo came to my workplace .
Omg , so freaking stunned and surprised and shocked !
Was writing th stock thingy , and booboo was like standing right next to me .
Terkejot habes habesan . What a surprise -.-
Then th next day , on thurs , godbro came . Lagi satu surprise .
Today , ah lg bgs . Saw my ex -.- Bonus point tu .
But bad thing was , he cant recognise me O.o
Biase laa , da lame tk nmpk .
And when i just finished my work , i bumped into someone .
Mirza . Hahaha . Both stunned nk mmpos . Lol .
Aww , he finished work late , pity him .
Should have accompany him to Mac , tp tk blng earlier
coz aunt came to fetch me . heh .
K bye :D

I rock , suckerrxxzxzxx .
\m/ *stick tongue out*


8:18 AM
Yours truly.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Booboo Loves B**** -.-

Hello. This is Weldah's hot gay friend again. It is not a spelling error for 'guy'. I really am gay, peace :D

Wardah pemalas, org suro update, die suro org, apedaa.
But pity her la, I think she's crying now cause of me reminding her about her misery at work. :o
Sorry yer cik adek? Good luck at work, for 14 freaking hours.
Tu lah, laen kali, dudok kat katil rehat. Ni tak, maen Pet Ville je tau. And tk abes2 chat ngn gay friend die. :P KK i'm not helping :P
She's disappointed that I'm gay. Why uh? Cause I'm hot? :o No, cause I'm cute.
But she will say she's cuter. Tktau malu. Ni uh Anak Sis :D I love Weldah's father's name. Cool.
Eheheh? :D Tk mcm anak die :D Tk abes2 badmood. Dah luh pemalas! :DD Boohoo, Weldah dah offline. :(

K thx bye :D

6:36 AM
Yours truly.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I hate my job . I wanna quit .



9:32 AM
Yours truly.

Saturday, November 20, 2010
HI .

JGN LYN RMBT KTE K . Muke dalaa burok semcm .
Others on fb . Oh Hi blog .
Went for job hunting yest . Mcm biase , ngan Jannah . Got th job on th spot .
We're darn lucky coz went we went in for th interview ,
she said there's only left two vacancies . So , we got it coz of some reasons .
Alhamdulillah . So then , jlnjln till late night . Wanted to watch movie .
But then , we plan to watch it tmr ^.^

I wanna dye my hair . Dye blonde can ? Haish , mepek nye .
Bored , feel like deleting blog , bt dont feel like it . -.-
Lotsa my friends ain't updating their blogs . So why should I ?
Coz im bored , what do you expect . 24/7 petville . Bleah ~
But , not anymore , from 25th onwards (:

Bye .
VersaEmerge rocks like furk .


2:42 AM
Yours truly.